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4 Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The pandemic had a significant impact on the wedding industry, but now the wedding industry is in full bloom again. However, quite a few shifts are seen this time because bridals no longer enjoy the post-pandemic wedding trends. The new trends are here to stay because they are very efficient and add a personal touch to the wedding style you are going for.

This post will discuss four wedding trends to avoid in 2022.

Four Wedding Friends To Avoid In 2022

Whether you are newly engaged or about to get married immediately, it might be in your mind to stand out from the crowd and make your wedding as need as possible. If you want to stay up to date regarding your wedding, let's look at the four wedding friends to avoid this year!

1. Goodbye Chalk Boards, Hello Mirrored Baroque Signs

The rustic look was trending a few years ago, but unfortunately, it is not in the trend anymore. Now we are going for a more vintage look, and you will be able to bring that back into your wedding by using mirrored baroque signs!

It will not only look elegant but also add attach of Hollywood style so everyone at your wedding will leave with a taste of glamour in their mouth! It is a sentimental piece of decoration that you can beautifully incorporate into your wedding and create an everlasting impression in the minds of guests about your wedding decor.

2. Goodbye Mason Jars, Hello Candelabra Vignettes

As we discussed, we are currently in the era of vintage living; you should make the most out of it while it lasts. Mason jars were a massive hit in southern weddings; everyone used them to incorporate candles into the wedding decor. It was a different look, but we are glad it is gone in 2022.

Add a touch of magic to the soul of your wedding by introducing metallic candelabras with captivating candles. It is a centrepiece that will grab everyone's attention instantly because of how romantic it will look in the middle of your wedding hall. You must avoid those old and recycled mason jars used as centrepieces a few years back.

Mason jars are not the kind of look you should be going for in 2022 for your wedding because they will make everything look childish and uncomfortable. Tis’ the season to stand out and create a romantic aura by using beautifully arranged florals to grab visual attention. Do not hesitate to add some seduction to your wedding decor in 2022 and be neat and bold to express yourself through your wedding decor.

3. Goodbye Monogrammed Dance Floors, Hello To Black & White!

2022 is a year where we must keep things as simple as possible. We have all been through a lot during the pandemic. You should not look for something too glittery or childish, you know? You are looking for a sophisticated and elegant look for your wedding so you can add a touch of professional interior design and impress all the guests who are going to be attending your wedding in 2022.

Monogramming everything back in the days was a huge thing, but it is not the trend anymore, and that is why you don't need to indulge in that hassle in the first place! Now is the time to use black and white checked floors to make everything look needed and clean. A great thing about using black and white in any decor is that you can never go wrong with it and be as creative as you want. Monogramming is not the gram anymore, ladies and gentlemen!

There is no restriction on your creativity, and you can use the black and white flooring for your wedding decor and rock the dance floor like never before. It is something different and will grab the guests' attention and give an impression that you certainly know something about design!

4. Goodbye Vintage Cars, Hello Limos!

Gone are the days when the bride used to arrive in a vintage and old-looking cart with horses at the wedding venue and then drive off into the sunset with Prince Charming in the same old car! Like, come on, what is going on here? Cinderella? It is not the look you want in 2022 because it is 2022, and you need to make the most of it!

If you're going to make a fantastic impression in front of your guest and make your wedding a memorable experience, the right choice is to hire a limo service. Sometimes it is not just about showing off; it is the experience you will remember for a lifetime. Your wedding is not a regular occasion in your life, and there is no need to treat it like one.

Arriving in a luxurious limousine is the upgrade you need in 2022 to forget about the past and think about all the good things life offers. Hiring a limousine service will ensure you can arrive on time at the wedding venue without any delays because, let's be honest, no one wants that on their wedding day!

Northwest Limousine Service is not only providing you with luxury limousines loaded with luxurious amenities but also excellent wedding packages to make your day. The professional and trained drivers will ensure you arrive at your destination with a smile, without a single wrinkle on your forehead! It is your day, after all, so make no compromises.

What Do You Get in The Northwest Limousine Wedding Package?

All luxurious amenities you need to arrive at the wedding venue are incorporated in the limousines. These include a facility to charge your phone while you are on the way and wine glasses to enjoy your favourite juice on the way with your better half.

You get wedding services in Washington DC, NJ, New York; so wait no more and book a sedan, SUV, van, stretch limousine, mini coach bus from them. Comprehensive wedding transportation services are just one step away from you.

A 24/7 high-speed Wi-Fi facility is also available to ensure you are never out of touch, especially when you have a big day ahead. What are you anticipating? Choose Northwest Limousine Service now and get in touch with them to book your first ride.

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