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5 Things You Need to See in New Jersey

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

There are many people unaware of the fact that the Statue of Liberty is actually in New Jersey. Well, technically, it is because Liberty Island is actually in New York City, but the monuments still exist in the waters of New Jersey.

Are you planning to visit New Jersey anytime soon, and are you thinking about what you need to do once you arrive there? One thing you need to ensure when you are about to visit New Jersey is to get your hands on a reliable Limo Service New Jersey.

Car service NJ is going to go a long way because things will get much easier for you to travel with convenience. Especially if you are going with your family and your kids, it is essential for you to hire a trustworthy NJ airport car service to take you to know Jersey and make you explore.

This post will discuss five things you must do when visiting New Jersey next time.

Five Things You Need To See In New Jersey

This city is rich in culture, so you will love to explore around if you are a fan of history.

Let's look at the five things you must do when you visit New Jersey next time.

1. Jersey City

The city is currently resting on the Hudson River, and you can please your eyes with one of the most beautiful sceneries you will see in Jersey City. It is a must-visit place if you are a nature lover and visit water bodies.

Visit Liberty state park to give yourself some time in nature and have a walk around in peace. It will be a time you will remember forever, especially if you are traveling with your loved ones in Jersey City.

2. Hoboken

Hoboken was home to Frank Sinatra, and one thing that is very famous about this beautiful place is that the property here is super expensive. The price of the property is justified, and you will get to know why it is so once you are roaming around this beautiful place.

When you look at this Suburb, you will find it exceptionally mesmerizing and calming to visit.

3. Liberty State Park

Liberty state park is a very active and lively place to visit, especially if you are a nature lover. It is no less than a dream for a true American because you can visit Liberty State Park on the fourth of July to make your dreams come true.

It is full of crowds on the fourth of July because this park is remarkable and has a dedicated place for Barbecue on the 4th of July. If you are looking forward to a vacation this July, you can visit Liberty state park in New Jersey with your friends and family.

During June and July, many temporary stages are also set up all over this park for music and art. It should be a must-visit place on the travel list of every tourist.

4. Hindenburg Crash Site

By any chance, are you a history freak? If yes, you must be aware that Nazi German technology led the world back in 1937. It is pretty amazing to think about because Nazi politics began in 1930.

The German Airship fleet LZ 129 used to visit New York City to bring wealthy Europeans over here. This airship fleet caught fire on the 6th of May 1937. You can still see this place whenever you are in New Jersey and be mesmerized by the rich history and culture that New Jersey will never forget.

5. Sandy Hook

If you want to visit a water body in New Jersey, Sandy hook beach will be the right option for you in this regard. Sandy Hook beach is near the Atlantic Ocean, which means that you will get a great view of the water and New York City, which will be pleasing to your eyes.

You can enjoy the skyline of New York City while looking over the waters!

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Final Verdict

The truth is that the image of New Jersey has been a victim due to social media and movies. However, things are not the same in real life. New Jersey is a charming city, and you must visit it.

Be captivated by the natural beauty of New Jersey. There are white beaches you can discover and many museums and exhibitions for art lovers.

Indulge in multiple outdoor activities once you arrive in New Jersey. Get your hands on a credible transportation service before you come here so you can move around quickly. Northwest Limousine Service is a promising selection for you to provide you with a pick and drop service in New Jersey.

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