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Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur Service

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Did you know that a driver and a chauffeur service are different? Many people are still unclear about it and think getting a professional driver is the same as getting a chauffeur. The basics of both are the same; both drive a vehicle that will take you to places. There are some main differences between both of them because both of these are different careers from each other.

This post will discuss the difference between a driver and a chauffeur.

Services Offered By A Chauffeur And A Professional Driver

Imagine this scenario: You have hired a professional driver to take you to a particular destination. They are responsible for providing you with a point-two-point travel solution. It is going to be it, and the services are going to end right here. No additional services are involved once you hire a professional driver.

You cannot expect anything more out of this package, and the deal's done once you get out of the car from point A to point B. However, when you get a chauffeur, you can expect the service to be prolonged and extended. Special treatment is available in this service, which is why this one will cost you more.

When you get a chauffeur service, it is more than just a professional driver driving the vehicle for you and taking you to the place you want. A professional chauffeur is responsible for handling all your requirements during the entire journey and complying with your additional needs. This process is long and involves stopping at particular points during the trip and meeting your needs, such as making a stop at a shop.

When you book a reservation at a chauffeur service, expect to be treated like a VIP because everything is taken care of. Whether you want to make a stop to source flowers from a flower shop or pick up your laundry, the chauffeur performs his duty correctly.

Requests And Special Services By A Chauffeur

You can customize your entire package when you are getting a chauffeur service and include any special requests that you have in your mind. All you need to do is ensure that it is within the boundaries of the law of your state and not going against it.

Your professional chauffeur is responsible for running the errands for you and complying with all the chores you need to get done as early as possible. On the other hand, if you get your hands on a regular professional driver's service, you will not be able to get this much luxury in the package. When you want to fulfill your unique needs, you can go all out and get a chauffeur service to travel with peace of mind.

The Difference In The Uniform Of A Chauffeur And A Professional Driver

A significant difference in the appearance of a professional driver and a professional chauffeur is how they dress when they show up to pick you up. Chauffeurs have a particular uniform choice, and their job requires always looking neat and clean. Their job is to look pleasing and polished by dressing up in a black tuxedo or suit.

They go all the way out and dress up while wearing gloves, ties, and dress shoes to finish the look. On the other hand, you cannot expect your average professional driver to be as fancy as a chauffeur. The maximum a professional driver will do is to show up in a basic suit or a jacket with the company logo. It will not be a good look if you must arrive at a formal event, so hiring chauffeur services is a much better option.

Difference Between The Vehicles Driven By Professional Drivers And Chauffeurs

You will rarely spot an average driver driving a luxury vehicle like a Sedan or SUV. It is what chauffeurs do because they are working on an executive level to provide you with a luxurious traveling experience. Chauffeurs are trained to offer VIP service in luxury vehicles like limousines and sedans.

Northwest Limousine Executive Level Chauffeur Service

Northwest Limousine brings an executive-level chauffeur service by complying with the additional needs of the passengers. With Northwest Limousine Service, you have the flexibility to move around according to your requirements and make a stop whenever you want!

Why Northwest Limousine Chauffeur Service?

After choosing the Northwest Limo corporate chauffeur service, you can expect the following additional services in your package:

  • Curbside Pickup

  • Meet & Greet Service

  • Airport Pickup

  • Black Car Service

Perfect for Formal Events

Northwest Limo is providing top-quality service with the best chauffeurs in town! We are the exemplary luxury car service for you when you are looking for a luxury Sedan, Limousine, or SUV.

Hourly/Point to point Chauffeur Service.

Northwest Limousine Chauffeur services are available for you hourly and for the entire night in town. Hire a vehicle of your choice from the luxurious fleet of Northwest Limousine. Have a perfect night out with your friends or with your partner without any worry in your mind!

What Services Does A Chauffeur Offer?

With Northwest Limousine chauffeur service, you can expect to be well taken care of once you hire our service. Simple professional driver service will not offer you much except for a point-to-point pick and drop service.

If you hire the professional chauffeur service of Northwest Limousine, you can expect the following:

  • Make stops making your journey whenever you want

  • Making a stop an unlimited number of times at your desired location

  • Have the chauffeur run your errand for you efficiently

  • Stopping at a flower shop or a gift shop for as long as you want

  • Making the chauffeur do your chores for you

  • Picking up the laundry while making a stop in your luxury vehicle

  • Making any other special request

Final Verdict

Northwest Limousine chauffeur service goes a long way in providing you with a personalized travel experience while you are out there! Why go for a standard driver when you can go all out and get a professional chauffeur to provide extra luxury?

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