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Leave the Event Transport Service to Professionals and Enjoy the Ride!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Northwest Limousine Event car service will truly add value to the occasion by providing luxurious and comforting travel to each of your guests. This adds a touch of class to any event as a professional event car service attends to every detail to make it perfect. Every event you throw benefits from a luxury event car service that leaves a lasting impression on the attendees.

Northwest Limousine Services is highly active and excited to provide luxury car service to upcoming major events like the New York Film Festival, Soca Brainwash, US Grand Prix, Jazzfest, and the coming homecoming season. Book a stretch limousine to pick up your date or travel to homecoming with your friends, having the best time of your life in the most luxurious, stylish, and royal limo ride!

Presentation & Punctuality

Every Northwest Limousine chauffeur is professional, dependable, discrete, and skilled. We offer our executive car service for your pleasure and enjoyment with the guarantee of luxury, whether you're in the city for business or pleasure. Enjoy Northwest plush chauffeured service for attending an event in the most luxurious ride.

Arrive with panache! Northwest Limousine Services' skilled chauffeurs will escort you to the celebration, whether it's a corporate award ceremony or New York Film Festival. Our event car service is ideal for these types of occasions since you can arrive like royalty. So, enjoy with your friends or family by attending Soca Brainwash, Jazzfest, or get a luxury and stylish ride for your homecoming date.

Comfort & Convenience

Northwest Event Car Service allows you to choose from the utmost luxury and comforting fleet range with the best professional chauffeurs. The parents can be at peace while knowing that their children are in safe hands while travelling to their homecomings or proms. Book a limousine for your child's homecoming; Northwest does not offer any champagne but crystal glassware and ice. Our chauffeurs can be in contact with parents while travelling and waiting for their children outside the venue. Northwest Limousine Services offers the most comforting and convenient event travel service without any hassle and stress.

Why Worry about Parking?

Attend any event without having to worry about parking, be it US Grand Prix, Jazzfest, New York Film Festival, or Soca Brainwash; our chauffeurs are highly capable of taking care of the vehicle parking. If you have booked a Northwest Limousine for a one-way ride, either pick-up or drop-off, your chauffeur will just pick or drop you off at the destined location.

Venue with No Parking?

Our courteous chauffeurs will wait for you while you enjoy the event or festivities; in case of no parking, our chauffeurs will park your reserved ride in the nearest parking available. He will receive you at the exact mentioned time from the pick-up destination, or you can call the chauffeur if you need to leave early.

No Hassle About Navigation

Relax and travel in luxury to the upcoming events without having to worry about the navigation or directions to the venue. Our one-of-a-kind fleet is equipped with high-tech navigation tools with trained and professional chauffeurs who are experts in using navigation technology. Book your next luxury event car service from Northwest Limousine and enjoy the vacation to Soca Brainwash or Jazzfest. Get the most executive car service for attending the New York Film Festival or arrive in style at the US Grand Prix and make a great impression with Northwest Event Car Service.

Experienced Chauffeurs - know it all!

Northwest Limousine Services has dedicated the most experienced and professional chauffeurs for the corporate, business, or leisure event services. Be it an annual business conference or a trip to the US Grand Prix with friends, Northwest got you covered with each type of luxury vehicle you'll need. Our chauffeurs are trained in hospitality and have been providing event travel services to major events like the New York Film Festival.

On the other hand, they are courteous and responsible to provide the best Northwest Car service for the homecoming season with the full responsibility to travel the youngsters to and from the venue safely. We can guarantee the parents to rely on Northwest Limousine Services as our dispatch team monitors and tracks each ride while constantly contacting the chauffeur to keep your child safe and sound. Reserve the luxurious and top-notch ride or contact our customer care to get a quick quote!

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