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What is a Special Package Delivery Service - Tips to Finding a Good One

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Special occasions often call for special gifts, and those special gifts often need to be shipped. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday, if you're sending something important, you want to be sure it arrives on time and in one piece. Sadly, many shipping companies are not up to the task. It is where a special package delivery service comes in.

If you're considering your options of shipping that nicely wrapped box filled with goodies off to a loved one, stay right here. We will give you the lowdown on special package delivery services.

What is a Special Package Delivery Service?

Special package delivery service handles deliveries of unusually large or heavy packages, time-sensitive packages, or those that need to be delivered to a specific location. Commonly used by businesses, they often have unique requirements such as particular delivery hours or handling restrictions. It's essential to choose the right delivery service, so your parcel reaches safely and timely.

Tips to Find the Right Special Delivery Service

When you're looking for a special package delivery service, some essential factors to consider are:

  • The Company's Reputation

  • Customer Care and Support

  • Delivery Times

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Tracking Capabilities

  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off

  • Delivery Charges

  • Specialization

  • Insurance

  • Extra Services

Let's take a closer look.

The Company's Reputation:

When you choose to work with a company, you want to be sure they have a good reputation. After all, you're trusting them with your valuable items. A company's reputation is depicted in many ways, such as through customer testimonials, online reviews, and their Better Business Bureau rating. Do your research before handing your package over.

Customer Care and Support:

From the moment you contact a company about their services to the moment your package is delivered, you want to be sure you're in good hands. A company with excellent customer care will answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and make the process as smooth as possible. Some companies also offer discounted packages for special occasions for customers, so it's worth inquiring about.

Delivery Time:

A significant factor to pay attention to when choosing a special delivery service is their delivery time. Depending on your needs, you may need your package delivered overnight or within a few days. Maybe it's a midnight anniversary surprise or a birthday gift that needs to arrive by a specific date. Whatever the case, learn about the selected company's delivery timeline and determine if they offer rush services.

Some companies may only deliver during certain hours. If that's the case, you'll want to ensure the recipient will be available to receive the package.

Flexible Scheduling:

In some cases, you may not know precisely when you'll need your package delivered. Perhaps it's a gift for a new baby, and you're not sure when they'll be born. In this case, you'll want to choose a company that offers flexible scheduling. This service allows you to schedule your delivery for a specific date and time, or you can choose to have it delivered as soon as possible. It's important to know what the company's policy is, so there are no sour surprises when it comes to your package's arrival.

Tracking Capabilities:

When your package is in transit, you'll want to be sure you can track it. In case of any delays or mishaps, you'll be able to see where your package is and when it's expected to arrive. Many companies offer tracking capabilities on their website or app, so you can easily stay updated on the status of your delivery. It is essential to ask about tracking before selecting a company to ensure your valuable package isn't misplaced.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services:

We all want a one-stop solution for everything, and special package delivery is no different. You might not have enough time to drop off your package, or maybe the recipient doesn't live near a delivery location. In these cases, choosing a company that offers pick-up and drop-off services is important. This convenient service will save you time, so you can focus on other things.

Delivery Charges:

It has to be the most important thing on your mind when you're looking for a special package delivery service - how much will it cost? Depending on the size and weight of your package, the delivery charges will vary. Some companies offer flat rates, while others charge by the mile. It's important to ask about delivery charges before selecting a company, so there are no unpleasant surprises.


When sending a valuable or sensitive package, you want the handler to be knowledgeable and experienced. Many companies specialize in certain types of deliveries, such as art or medical supplies. Each package requires different handling, so choosing a company that specializes in the kind of delivery you need is important. It will ensure your package remains in its best condition and arrives safely at its destination.


No matter how careful the delivery company is, accidents can happen. In case of any damages or losses, who will be responsible? You'll want to choose a company that offers insurance for your package. This coverage will protect you financially in case of any accidents or mishaps. It's important to ask about insurance before selecting a company to ensure your valuable package is protected.

Extra Services:

There's no concept of "too much" when it comes to special package delivery. If you want to add a personal touch, some companies offer extra services such as gift wrapping, card insertion, and even hand-delivery. These services usually come for an additional fee, but they're the extra chocolate on top of an already delicious cake. If you want to make your delivery even more unique, inquire about these services.


Just like you wouldn't trust almost anyone with your valuable items, you also wouldn't want to choose any old company for special package delivery. Take your time to research different companies and find the one that matches your idea of "special." There are also urgent limo delivery companies, in case you want to add a touch of luxury.

If you're ready to roll the package out, contact Northwest Limousine Service.

We're happy to chat and help you with your special package delivery needs.

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